Take two...

So I can't put it off any longer, I need to write another blog...

After overcoming the anxiety that came with the first post this should have been easy, right? 

Well, turns out that's not the case.

After being so focused on getting over the initial hurdle I now have the recognition and clarity that this is something out of my comfort zone, something I don't yet enjoy and something I don't feel I'm great at. Despite that, it's also something I need to do again to achieve my goal, and not only that, I have to keep on doing it! 

I can't just write one blog and expect my website to suddenly break internet click records, the phone to ring off the hook and for people to spontaneously discover the benefits of psychological therapy. Unfortunately....

This now involves me practising 2 things that I regularly preach to others - discipline and acting "as if". 

Let's start with discipline. Sometimes we don't want to do things but we need to. If I continue to wait for the day when I suddenly feel confident and motivated to write this, that day might never come (probably would never come.....).

If we want to make changes, sometimes we just need to knuckle down and do it, there's no magic wand, no miracle pill, no easy solution. And this is where acting 'as if' comes in. You might also know this as “fake it till you make it” and whilst I wouldn’t always advise acting in a way that isn’t in keeping with your emotions, this is the one exception - when you know doing something would benefit you but your mood, confidence or anxiety stop you.

I don’t expect that when I hit the “submit” button I will feel any less exposed, vulnerable and open to judgement straight away, but I do expect this to be a bit less every time. Each piece of positive feedback, every person who understands or decides to make their own changes will take a little chip out of the wall I’m climbing over every time I write these. 

Maybe my blogs will get longer, more frequent, more personal, more insightful and gain worldwide acclaim.

Or maybe not, maybe one person will read this and it will help inspire them to push themselves a tiny bit out of their comfort zone, and if that’s the case, that’s more than OK with me!

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